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Week 37 May 22-26

Week 37 May 22-26
Monday: review
Tuesday: Period 1 Exam 
Wednesday: Periods 2 & 3 Exams
Thursday: Periods 4 & 5 Exams; early release 12:00
Friday: Periods 6& 8 Exams early release 12:00

Week 36 May 15-19

Week 36 May 15-19
Monday: TEKS Check, Surface Changes notes, work on review
Tuesday: Part 1 of semester exam review due; Fantasy Island
Wednesday: Part 2 of semester exam review due
Thursday: Video
Friday: Part 3 of semester exam review due, Spirit Day

Week 35 May 8-12

Week 35 May 8-12
Monday: Plate Tectonics Quiz
Tuesday: Topography
Wednesday: Science STAAR
Thursday: Social Studies STAAR
Friday: topography

Week 34 May 1-5

Week 34 May 1-5
Monday: notes over faulting and folding, concept map; finish study guide 2
Tuesday: finish faulting and folding notes, mapping activity due Thursday; quiz Monday over plate tectonics, continental drift, sea-floor spreading, faulting and folding, and earthquakes
Wednesday: Algebra EOC, Mega quake video and questions
Thursday: map due, finish video and questions; earthquake notes
Friday: earthquake triangulation; quiz Monday over plate tectonics, continental drift, sea-floor spreading, faulting and folding, and earthquakes

Week 33 April 24-28

Week 33 April 24-28
Monday: Factors that Influence Climate procedures 1-2 due tomorrow; study the following for the quiz on Wednesday
  • El Nino and La Nina notes
  • Rain Shadow notes
  • Forecasting the Weather Sheet from Friday- know how to interpret a weather station models
  • What Factors Affect the Climate of an Imaginary Island from yesterday
  • What causes High pressure and Low pressure
Tuesday: Ocean Currents, finish factors
Wednesday: Quiz over El Nino, La Nina, and Rain Shadow
Thursday: earthquake video
Friday: notes Plate Tectonics

Week 32 April 17-21

Week 32 April 17-21
Monday: Review due Wednesday; Read Air Pressure notes, Review due Wednesday, Boyles and Charles Law, Weather Concept Map
Tuesday: Using a Weather Map, Weather Forecast and Conditions Practice, Science cut ups over weather, Pass back and go over Quiz
Wednesday: Review due
Thursday: Weather 1 Test
Friday: El Nino and La Nina notes, HW: Forecasting the Weather

Week 31 April 10-14

Week 31 April 10-14
Monday: work on Weather Graphing Project; review for quiz

Weather Forecast Quiz concepts

  • Know how to identify  the following fronts and the direction they are traveling
    • Warm
    • Cold
    • Stationary
    • Occluded
  • Be able to forecast weather
  • Read a map and use the distance scale to determine miles
  • Know that warm air can hold more water than cold air. (relate this information humidity)
  • Know the following air masses
    • Maritime polar
    • Maritime tropical
    • Continental polar
    • Continental tropical
  • Know the types of weather associated with high and low pressure systems

Types of questions may include: (you will be given a weather map to reference)

  • What will the weather be like in a specific city in 24- 48 hours? (once a front has past)

(consider pressure, temp and cloud cover)

  • Why is the pressure Low?
  • Why is there occluded front over a particular city?
  • How will the temperature change for a particular city?
  • Why are there no clouds in a high pressure system?
  • What direction is a front moving?
  • What type of weather would you expect for Low pressure?
  • What type of weather would you expect at the beginning of a Cold Front?
Tuesday: Weather Graphing Project due, Chapter 15 Section 3 Winds
Wednesday: Weather Forecasting Quiz
Thursday: Land and Sea Breezes
Friday: Holiday

Week 30 April 3-7

Week 30 April 3-7
Monday: begin weather mapping , go over learning targets and pre-quiz, QAR reading activity, pass back balancing equtions tests
Tuesday: Balancing test tutorials; continue weather mapping; begin  weather notes; ForecastingWeather Webquest 1-4 and 8-9 HW
Wednesday: continue weather mapping, finish notes, ForecastingWeather Webquest 5-7, 10-12 and page 5;  Balancing test retake
Thursday: continue weather mapping, Weather Webquest 11-20,begin Chapter 15 Section 3 Sheet Coriolis Effect; Balancing test retake
Friday: continue weather mapping, finish Chapter15 Section 3 Sheet Coriolis Effect

Week 29 March 27-31

Week 29 March 27-31
Monday: Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions Test
Tuesday: Math STAAR Test
Wednesday: Reading STAAR Test
Thursday: Weather pre-quiz; weather webquest
Friday:Weather QAR Reading; QuickWrite

Week 28 March 20-24

Week 28 March 20-24
Monday: Balancing Equations
Tuesday: Types of Reactions
Wednesday: go over HW, Word Equations WS
Thursday: review due; Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions-HW
Friday: Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions Test has been moved to Monday; review