McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Ms. Green's 5th Grade Math Class - MIS

Ms. Green 5th Grade Superstar Team Math B219 5th Period Conference Tutorials: Monday, Tuesday 7:45 - 8:05 and Wednesday 3:40 - 4:00
Week of April 3: Students are beginning to practice measurement conversions. Length, mass, time, and capacity.  I am aiming for the major test to be April 19. The test will cover measurement conversions and some geometry. 

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Homework Week of May12

Monday - Straight or Curved Worksheet

Tuesday - Division Worksheet  ***

Wednesday - None

Thursday - Fraction Review Worksheet

Homework week of May 5

Monday, May 5 - Multiplying Decimals worksheet

Tuesday, May 6 - Dividing Decimals worksheet

Wednesday, May 7 - Multiplying and Dividing Word Problems worksheet ***

Thursday, May 8 - Quiz Review

Homework week of April 28

Monday - Dividing Whole Numbers worksheet

Tuesday - Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers worksheet

Wednesday - Quiz Review

Thursday - Quiz in Class - No homework  {Nothing But Nets Today}

Friday - No Homework

Homework week of April 22

Monday - worksheet "Fractions Review Sheet"

Tuesday - no homework (Quick Quiz about + and - fractions)

Wednesday - no homework (Science STAAR - bring lunch)

Thursday - practice with the link about how to Multiply Fractions (be ready to demonstrate one example)

Homework Week of April 14

Monday - Page 230 10-22 All

Tuesday - Page 465  1-6 All and Dyna Math (one story of your choice)

Wednesday - Page 465  7-18

NOTE: Dyna Math is due April 22 and Quick Quiz Check is scheduled for April 22 on Adding and Subtracting Unlike Denominators

Quick Check Quiz - Order of Operations: 4/11

Students have been working with exponents and order of operations this week.

We will have a short quiz covering; steps of order of operation, solving some expressions using the order of operations, and finding value of amount written in exponential form.

Final Enrichment Opportunity - April 11

This last pretest will be this Friday, April 11 at 7:30 in my classroom.

The pretest will cover FRACTIONS - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing.

Homework week of April 7

Monday - Exponent Worksheet

Tuesday - Page 452  1-6 All

Wednesday - Finish the Problem of the Week (Watering the Lawn)

Thursday - Page 452  7 - 24 All

Homework week of March 31

Monday - No HW

Tuesday - Math STAAR (bring water bottle and lunch)

Wednesday - Reading STAAR (bring water bottle and lunch)

Thursday - Problem of the Week; Watering the Lawn (due April 10)