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Miss Katie Haines
Room C103
Study Skills
7-8 HPMS
To keep up with what is happening in Study Skills, please see my weekly parent emails. If you are not receiving my weekly emails, please let me know as soon as possible!
I am available by email from 7am-7pm Monday-Friday 
OR by appointment during my conference period (9:40-10:32).
Welcome to Study Skills!
It's going to be a wonderful year!
For all of your Stay-Put Monday dreams and plans... see the calendar below!!!

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Welcome Letter and Parent Survey

Welcome to Study Skills!
I hope you had an amazing summer and find yourself rested and ready for a wonderful school year! I am so excited to see your child today and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.
I want to take this opportunity to receive information and input from you about your child. It is my goal to do the best I can to help each student be successful this year and in order to do that I have to talk with the people that know them best! I have attached a ‘Parent/guardian survey’ that will highlight the specific and individual needs of your child.
At your convenience, please take the time to answer the questions and send the survey back to me in an email (from your preferred email address) or bring the survey with you to Meet the Teacher Night (September 17th-HPMS).
Please feel free to email me with information, questions, or concerns. I am best reached via email and want to stay updated on the needs of all of my students.
I will also do my best to update my Teacher Webpage and Calendar with important dates and information on a regular basis.
Again, I'm excited to have your child in my class and I look forward to getting to know you- let's make it a great year!
Katie Haines 

Executive Function Skills

What neuroscience reveals about the critical role of planning, time management, and strategic thinking to student success in the media-driven, multitasking twenty-first century.

By Georgia Bozeday, EdD