McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Contact Information

Trace Mallett

HPMS 8th Grade ICS Teacher & Basketball/Track Coach

Office: C-233

Conference: 2:30pm - 3:15pm (available by appointment)

Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 7:30am - 7:50am 



*If you prefer to set-up a meeting, email me first, then we can set-up a time to talk over the phone or meet in person.


*Please be on the look-out for the most updated information on my teacher website.


*I keep my teacher website updated on a regular basis under the post link!



Math- 1st period Leann Graham C-227

English- 2nd, 3rd & 5th periods David Mires C-221

Math- 4th period Coach Watkins B-235




Recent Posts

Archetype Outline now due Monday, September 25th

Archetype Outline now due Monday, September 25th

Verb Re-Teach Friday Morning Tutorials

Verb re-teach tutorial lesson at 7:30am with Mr. Mires.

Unit 1 Math Re-Assessment & Upcoming Quiz

Unit 1 Retake tutorials on Monday. (AM and PM)

Unit 1 Retake TEST is on Tuesday. (AM and PM)

Unit 2 Quiz #1 is this Wednesday

Summer Reading Assessments (ELA)

If you scored below a 85 and want to complete a re-assessment... tutorials are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning with Mr. Mires. 

ELA Homework: Membean training

Membean: 30 minutes total due by Friday. 15 minutes outside of class.