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Ericca Vandagriff
5th Grade Science
Room B319
Conference Time: 9:40-10:40
Tutorial Schedule: Tuesday   3:40-4:10 pm
                           Thursday  3:40-4:10 pm
                           Friday      7:45-8:10 am


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Re-Testing Procedures

You may retake any assessment (minor or major) for a higher grade regardless of the grade you received.  Follow these procedures:
1. Complete the test analysis for EVERY question that was missed. This is attached on the right side of this page.  Every student must do this regardless of their grade.
2. Attend the scheduled re-teach session posted on my calendar. If your grade is below a 70, you must attend.  If your grade is above 70, you do not have to attend, but may.
3. Attend the scheduled re-take session posted on my calendar.  Let me know you're coming so that I can make enough copies.