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McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Mrs. Dykes

Welcome to House Abercrombie!
Heather Dykes, MA English
8th Grade English Language Arts 
House Abercrombie B222
Tutorials:Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30.
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*The eighth grade English/Language Arts (ELA8) curriculum document on the HPISD website was not updated this past summer because curriculum revision is planned for summer 2018. The syllabus posted on my webpage reflects the current information for this school year for ELA8.*

Eighth Grade English/Language Arts (ELA8) Reassessment Procedure for Major and Minor Assessments

(View the complete new HPMS 2017-2018 Grading Policy on the HPMS website).


  • The HPMS ELA8 department will allow students to have a reassessment of each major or minor assessment for which a student received a grade lower than an 85. After a reassessment, the teacher will record the higher of the two grades for that assessment, up to a grade of 85 for the second assessment. (The teacher is not prohibited from recording a higher grade, as the final grade rests with the discretion of each teacher).
  • Projects and Targeted Writing Assessments (TWA’s) are not subject to being reassessed because so much time has been allotted for these larger and/or lengthy assessments, and teachers have provided feedback and/or check points prior to the final due dates.
  • In preparation for any reassessment, a student needs to attend mandatory tutorial times to complete activities designed by his or her teacher (and on the dates set by his or her ELA8 teacher) in order to be eligible for a reassessment of that major or minor assessment.
    • Each student needs to complete a form prior to each reassessment and give that form to his or her ELA8 teacher in advance of the reassessment date; those forms will be on the teacher’s webpage.
    • For a reassessment of a major test or assignment that counts as a major grade, a student needs to attend a tutorial for the reassessment and then attend the actual reassessment time, to be set by the student’s ELA8 teacher. The reassessment time will last from 7:15-7:50 in the morning, or from 3:20-4:00 in the afternoon, per teacher discretion. The student will know both the date of the tutorial for the reassessment and the actual reassessment date in advance.  
    • For a minor reassessment, the tutorial and the reassessment may occur on the same morning (to be determined by each ELA8 teacher for each minor reassessment).
  • If an extenuating circumstance occurs, the student must let his or her teacher know about the issue prior to the date previously established for that specific reassessment.


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