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Coach Gruber

7th Grade Basketball Parent Meeting
Matt Gruber
TX History/MIS PE/Coach
Highland Park Middle School


Tutorials:  T, W, Th (3:15 - 3:45 p.m.) by appointment

***Due to football coaching responsibilities before and after school, tutorials will be made by appointment only until November 7th.  It is important that students communicate with me ahead of time so we can make arrangements.  I will update tutorial times near the end of football season and they will be offered after school once the season concludes.***


Online Textbook:

Parents and Students,

***Please follow the directions to gain access to the Online Textbook.

Steps to Access Textbook

Website Link:

Username:  first name.last name

Password:  1st letter of First Name + 1st letter of Last Name + Student ID (ex: JD123456)

Once you're signed in, you should be on the "HPISD Student Portal". This page will have multiple boxes, which serves as different academic resources for school.

Click on "HMH - MyHRW" box. This will take you to the Online Textbook.