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Student Written Conventions » 5th Grade ELA Written Conventions

5th Grade ELA Written Conventions



Sentence Structure
  • Write the complete subject and the complete predicate in a sentence.
  • Write simple and compound sentences with correct subject-verb agreement.
  • Write declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.
  • Write dialogue with correct punctuation.
  • Maintain consistency of tense.

Parts of Speech
  • Use the following parts of speech correctly in writing:
    • Verbs (active voice)
    • Collective nouns (e.g., class)
    • Adjectives (e.g., descriptive, including origins) and their comparative and superlative forms
    • Adverbs (e.g., frequency; intensity)
    • Prepositions and prepositional phrases (for telling location, time, direction, details)
    • Indefinite pronouns
    • Subordinating conjunctions (e.g., while, because, although, if)
    • Transitional words between sentences and ideas (e.g., also, therefore)
  • Use nouns and pronouns that agree (e.g., Mike/he).
  • Use verbs correctly that are often misused (e.g., lie, lay).
  • Use verbs and objects correctly that are often misused (e.g., she and I).

  • Use capitalization for
    • abbreviations
    • initials and acronyms
    • organizations

  • Recognize and use punctuation marks, including
    • commas in compound sentences
    • proper punctuation and spacing for quotations
    • italics and underlining for titles and emphasis

  • Differentiate between commonly confused terms (its/it’s and affect/effect, and others).
  • Use spelling patterns, rules, or/and print resources to check spellings.
  • Use the spell-check function in word processing while understanding its limitations.