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Melissa Conner - ELA/SS MIS House of Douglas B125
Office Hours - Tuesdays-Thursdays 3:40-4:10
Google Classroom -
Link to Social Studies book online -
To login students will use firstname.lastname and their normal password

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Google Classroom

All of our major class assignments can be found on Google Classroom.
This can be accessed from any computer at
Students will "join" my class the second week of school and use their school email to login. Parents will be emailed if there is a project or test, and it will be put on the Google Calendar on this website.

Google Calendar

Please see my Google calendar for copies of all review sheets and important dates!


We will read about 20+ books that can be added to this chart in class. The other 20 will come from independent reading during free time or at home. The purpose is to make sure all genres can be identified by the student, and so that all students have a balanced reading experience.