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Doug Jeffcoats, M.Ed5th Grade LA/SS McCulloch Intermediate School 214.780.3500 jeffcow@hpisd.org
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Adjective Review, September 29

Students will be given a short quiz on identifying, subjects, verbs and adjectives.

Finish Vacation Vignette Brainstorming, by September 16

Complete the Vacation Vignette Brainstorming 

World Map Quiz

World Map Quiz for morning SS group is Friday, September 4.
World Map Quiz for afternoon SS group is Thursday, September 3
Know the placement and spelling of continents, oceans, equator, and prime meridian.

Blood on the River & Fever 1793

The students will need to purchase or bring to class the novels, Blood on the River by Eisa Carbone and Fever 1793 by Monday.  The novels are available in the Supply Room for $9 each.  We will begin reading Blood on the River Monday, and store Fever 1793 in our classrooms.

Bio Poem

Please make sure that  the the Bio Poem Brainstorming Boxes will be completed by the end of class tomorrow.  You will have approximately 20 minutes to work on it in class.  The Bio Poem Planning Page will need to be completed by the end of class on Friday.