McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Contact Information

Trace Mallett

HPMS 8th Grade ICS Teacher & Basketball/Track Coach

Office: C233

Conference: 2:30pm - 3:15pm (available by appointment)

Office Hours: 

 Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: 7:30am - 7:50am



*If you prefer to set-up a meeting, email me first, then we can set-up a time to speak over the phone or meet in person.

*There will be an email sent out weekly reflecting the following week's schedule.  

*I keep my teacher website updated on a regular basis under the post link!



Math- 1st period Leann Graham C227

English- 2nd, 3rd & 5th periods David Mires C221

Math- 4th period Coach Watkins B235




Recent Posts

Possible ways to study for ELA Final

Use flashcards and/or using Quizlet. These should be effective for the knowledge-based part of the exam.
Review has practice passages, ads, and questions to annotate and answer, and we will review those in tutorials for those who come before school or stay after school next week.
Prepare 20 minutes every day

ELA Tutorial Schedule next week- Semester Exam

7:30 am or 3:20 pm
Monday- covering # 1 A, B, and C of review (Holocaust and Night)
Tuesday- covering # 2 A, B, and C of review (Persuasive appeals, and Propaganda)
Wednesday- covering # 2D, all of #3 (Masque of Red Death)
Thursday- covering all of # 4 (William Shakespeare)
Friday-  covering all of # 5 (TKAM)

Unit 15 Math Retakes (Watkins)

Complete retake review, ask questions and complete retake any day next week. Last day to retake is next Friday, the 25th. 

Unit 15 Math Retakes (Graham)

Friday, 18th: Test corrections
Monday, 21st:  Re-teach
Tuesday, 22nd: Re-takes

Setting Goals

Setting Goals:

  1. Write them down! Put them where you can see them on a regular basis!
  2. Be specific! 
  3. Base goals on performance, not outcome. Such as: I will study three days in advance for a major test vs. I will score a 100 on my math test. 
  4. Make goals challenging, but achievable!
  5. Prioritize your goals
  6. Revisit your goals often and make changes as appropriate. 
  7. Celebrate successes! Share your results with friends, family, etc.