Contact Information

Trace Mallett

8th Grade ICS Teacher- MacQueen

8th Grade Basketball/Track Coach

Office: C233

Conference: 2:30pm - 3:00pm (available by appointment only)

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 7:30am - 7:50am



*The best way to reach me is by email. I will respond to all emails within 24 hours.


*There will be an email sent out weekly reflecting the following week's schedule.  


*Check my teacher website on a regular basis. It is kept up to date under the post link!




1st period: Hall- Science

2nd period:Hall- Science

3rd period: Hansen- Science

4th period: Graham- Math

5th period: Mires- English

6th period: Hallman- US History

7th period: Advisory

8th period: Conference/Athletics 



Recent Posts

ELA Tutorial Semester Exam Schedule

Tutorial schedule for semester exam below. Can attend at 7:30am or 3:20pm. Same material is being covered both tutorial times. Attending one tutorial session is suggested.
Tuesday- Archetypes
Wednesday- Narratives
Thursday- Anne Frank and Holocaust
Friday- Essay

Dairy of Anne Frank Study guide due tomorrow...Mr. Mires class.

Dairy of Anne Frank Study guide due tomorrow...Mr. Mires class.

Sun, Moon, Earth Tests Passed back today...Retake Process below.

1. No missing work in unit. 
2. Complete corrections in tutorials (only) with Ms. Hall. Can't be done on own.
3. No retake necessary.
4. This must be completed by Friday, December 14th. 
* 1/2 point back for each correct response; up to an 85. 

Weekly Update 12.10 - 12.14

ELA (Mires):

Nothing on the calendar at this point. Will update next week.


Exam review quiz #1 (units 1-4) on Monday

Exam review quiz #2 (units 5-7) on Friday

Exam review checkpoints-

Unit 5/quiz corrections on Tuesday

Unit 6 due on Wednesday

Unit 7 due on Thursday


Exam review checkpoints-

Chapters 2-5 due on Monday

Chapters 6-9 due on Tuesday

Chapters 10-13 due on Wednesday

Chapters 14-18 due on Thursday

Going over review on Friday

Social Studies (Hallman):

Constitution test due Monday

Constitution test on Tuesday

Legacy project assigned on Wednesday, due Friday

Topic #4 of exam review due Friday

Health (Bass and Myers):

Semester exam review assigned on Monday. Graded on Wednesday.

Speech (Keeland):

Speech presentations and game show



Nothing on the calendar at this point

Google Classroom Information (MacQueen team)

English (Mires): Uses Google classroom. We will sign up in class next week.
US History (Hallman): Uses Google classroom. Join code below.
6th period: 01jamqh
Science (Hall): Uses Google classroom. Join codes below.

1st period: U4L52d5

2nd period: 34jrxx4

Math (Graham): Does not use Google classroom. Find materials on Google calendar.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals:

  1. Write them down! Put them where you can see them on a regular basis!
  2. Be specific! 
  3. Base goals on performance, not outcome. Such as: I will study three days in advance for a major test vs. I will score a 100 on my math test. 
  4. Make goals challenging, but achievable!
  5. Prioritize your goals
  6. Revisit your goals often and make changes as appropriate. 
  7. Celebrate successes! Share your results with friends, family, etc.