Debbie Morrison, Ed. S.
HPMS Special Education Coordinator
 Here is a little about me…

 I was born and raised in Indiana, but found my way to Texas in 1990. I have three children – Daniel, Ben and Samantha, 35, 32, and 26 respectively. Daniel and Samantha both live in California, Daniel in Newport Beach and Samantha in Marina del Rey.  Ben has recently moved from California to Austin, TX.  A little known fact about me is that all of my children are named after Elton John songs. 

 I received my B.S. in Special Education from Indiana University in 1984.  In the 1980’s my graduate work was focused in the areas of learning disabilities and assessment. I completed both of my M. S. degrees from Arkansas State University (ASU). My first is in Special Education – Instructional Specialist 4-8, completed in December 2014 and my second is in the area of educational leadership-emphasis on principal-ship, completed in May of 2020. My Educational Specialist degree with an emphasis on special education directorship, also from ASU, was completed in December of 2017.

In Indiana, my teaching experience included work in a multi-categorical classroom (grades K-8), a self contained classroom for students with an emotional disturbance, a resource room, and work in a content mastery setting.  In Texas, I have been the In Class Support (ICS) teacher for a 5th grade team, a teacher in a content mastery center, a resource ELAR teacher, a study skills teacher, and a social skills teacher. Additionally, I have taught reading for students with dyslexia using a multi-sensory approach.

My experience as an educational leader has been as an assistant SPED team leader (elementary) and a SPED team leader (middle school), both in Plano. I have been in education for 38 years - 7 in Indiana, 19 in Plano and I have just completed my 12th year in HPISD as a SPED Coordinator.