Mrs. Cappotelli - 5th Grade Math

McCulloch Intermediate School/ HP ISD
5th Grade Math
House of Douglas
*No morning tutorials Dec. 10-14
December 10-14: Fifth graders will be studying for the Unit 4 Test: Choose multiplication or division to solve story problems; Draw picture diagrams to illustrate division and Multiplication by fraction and whole numbers.
The online textbook [Go Math] can be used to study at home. Module 6 lessons 1-5.
Unit 4 Test:  December 12.  Divide and Multiply fractions.  
 Math Homework Week 17 : 12 questions due Friday (Dec. 14)  Study Guide questions 1-18 due Tuesday Dec. 11.
MAP re-assessment: December 13. Used to track growth. [The second administration]
We will use a website occasionally to learn the strategies involved with fraction operations-
Dec. 17: Unit 5 includes:  Expressions involving 2 or more operations. Students will learn Order of Operations.   
Use this link in order to use our "Go Math" textbook on-line.
Users will click on the "Think Central" icon and sign in with his/her HPISD username and password.
5th Graders will use DreamBox to improve their conceptual understanding of place value, operations, measurement, geometry and more!  The link is found on the district portal- lessons are monitored to determine accrued minutes and lessons completed. It's optional for the students to use the software at home, but it is expected that they finish 4 lessons each week, during the school day.
Ensure that students are wearing their i.d. badge in our building and leave your cell phone at home. If students bring a phone, it is secured with the advisory teacher.