McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Mrs. Cappotelli - 5th Grade Math

McCulloch Intermediate School/ HP ISD
5th Grade Math
House of Douglas
Morning Tutorials available Monday through Wednesday mornings 7:45-8:10. 
This week: The fifth graders will be learning about multiplication with decimals. The science STAAR test is on Wednesday.
*Homework-  Review Questions: 12 problems, due Friday May 19.
Our math lessons will involve using the Chromebooks to access the on-line textbook and to access our Google classroom.
*Students will need his/her ear buds to use our Chromebooks each week.
Our Unit 6 includes: Financial Literacy, Representing data on graphs including dot plots, scatter plots and stem-and-leaf plots.
Use this link in order to use our "Go Math" textbook on-line.
Users will click on the "Think Central" icon and sign in with his/her HPISD username and password.
This link to includes great activities to practice skills at the 5th grade level. is a particularly beneficial website to give our learners practice in problem solving at various grade levels and with different subjects.