Raider teams wrap up season with wins, 8th grade earns 3 championships

All three eighth-grade Raider football teams wrapped up undefeated seasons and earned district championships with wins against Prosper Reynolds Nov. 6. Outstanding play-makers included:
Team Gold won 16-8
  • Offensive MVP: Ethan Scott and Jackson Heis
  • Defensive MVP: Lee Hopkins and Quinn Gordon
  • Special Teams MVP: Brady Dauterive and Wesley Iversen
Team Raiders won 15-6
  • Offensive MVP: Walker Kashata and Parker Stephens
  • Defensive MVP: Coleman Donham
  • Special Teams MVP: Andrew Maroulis
Team HP won 14-0
  • Offensive MVP: Thomas Jackman
  • Defensive MVP: Ben Salter and Hunter Thornton
  • Special Teams MVP: Jake Tanzy
Despite a lack of officials, the seventh-grade Team HP defeated Prosper Reynolds 22-6 and ended its season with a 4-2 record, and Team Gold posted a 22-12 win to finish the year 5-3.  MVPs included:
Team HP
  • Offensive MVP: Cooper Schendle & Hudson Reed
  • Defensive MVP: Anthony Noonan
  • Special Teams MVP: Garrison Godfrey
Team Gold
  • Offensive MVP: Nicholas Farris
  • Defensive MVP: Hutch Crow & Brian Rapp
  • Special Teams MVP: Matthew Morton