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Principal's Message MIS

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Welcome to McCulloch Intermediate School and Highland Park Independent School District. MIS is an exemplary school committed to continuous improvement for students and faculty.  Exemplary results go far beyond exemplary test scores. Exemplary results are students who are academically, socially, emotionally, and physically prepared at the highest levels to excel at any challenge and opportunity that comes their way in the future. Exemplary results are students who are highly motivated and eager to pursue challenges while demonstrating exemplary character and service to others.
The transition to 5th grade is an exciting time for our students and families, as students from all the elementary schools in Highland Park ISD come together to create a unified class that will continue their academic career together through graduation.  As students grow through 6th grade, they experience a wide range of academic and co-curricular opportunities through fine arts, physical education, and community service. As students progress through these formative years, teachers and staff provide a safe environment for learning and growing. Every child needs and deserves support, nurture, safety, and the opportunity to learn in his or her own unique way.
Our emphasis and expertise are supporting students through the developmental transitions of adolescence by providing a strong academic foundation, varied opportunities to nurture students' passions and close partnerships with families and the community.  Building on a great tradition of excellence in Highland Park ISD, we strive to be even better.  We are providing a strong and solid bridge to support students as they make the journey from pre-adolescence to future schools and careers. We are preparing global leaders and exemplary citizens who understand that service to others is the cornerstone of effective leadership.  We are supporting our students to be even more academically prepared, more critical thinkers, more effective communicators, more engaged citizens, more globally competent, more resilient, more empathetic, and more compassionate.
If you are part of the MIS family, I know you share my sense of pride in our school.  If you are not already part of the MIS family, we invite you to visit us and see why McCulloch Intermediate School is a wonderful place to learn.
Dr. Skip Moran, MIS Principal
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