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McCulloch Intermediate School and Highland Park Middle School, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, is a partnership of educators, staff, students, parents, and community that strives to provide a superior educational experience and addresses the needs of the developing middle school student. Our school's success focuses on:

  • enhancing intellectual abilities in all academic areas;
  • challenging students to be creative, curious, high-level, and independent thinkers who are committed to the process of learning;
  • developing a student's sense of integrity, responsibility, honesty, leadership, and service to the community;
  • embracing respect for all people and celebrating diversity in a global community;
  • creating a safe learning environment that meets the needs of all students;
  • promoting participation in the fine arts and extra-curricular activities; and
  • providing a dedicated faculty and staff who will guide and prepare students for future academic challenges.
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