8th-graders win Sweepstakes at math and science competition

The HPMS math team won the Number Sense, General Math and Calculator competitions to earn the Sweepstakes Award at the Annual Winter Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) Competition Jan. 12. HPMS hosted the meet, with 30 schools and 564 students ranging from sixth to eighth grade competing.  Click here to read more.
The competition included: 
  • Number Sense (answering 80 problems in ten minutes),
  • Calculator (80 problems in 30-minutes)
  • General Math (50 problems in 40-minutes) 
  • General Science (50 problems in 40-minutes)
Trophies were awarded to the top ten placeholders and ribbons were given to the 11th-20th placeholders for each test. Sweepstakes Awards were also given out to overall collective scores for each grade.