Ms. Taliaferro
Highland Park Middle School
House of Guthrie
7th Grade Language Arts
7th ELA Tutorial Schedule
Schedule for ALL 7th ELA before/after tutorials coming soon! In the meantime,
students can ask about opportunities to meet for help! :)
*Students should always check the "This Week" board or the Google Classroom Stream to see if
I have canceled a tutorial due to a meeting or an appointment before planning to attend a tutorial. 
RAIDER "HOUR" Opportunities
Monday-Thursday (11:51-12:15)
This is a built-in study hall period every day!
Students can see teachers for extra help, feedback, clarification,
make-up work, make-up assessments, and reassessments.
*IMPORTANT: Students MUST get a pass from the teacher they wish to visit ahead of time,
AND they MUST notify their Raider Hour teacher (showing the pass) before leaving the classroom
Parents, the students have access to their class's Weekly Work Slide Deck via Google Classroom Stream.
Students who are absent are encouraged to check the slides for the day/days they are absent
(there are two slides for each day). Links are below so that you also have access!
4th Quarter Weekly Work Slide Deck - Standard Sections (4th, 6th, & 8th periods)
4th Quarter Weekly Work Slide Deck - TAG Sections (2nd & 3rd periods)