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Intro to Digital Media

Intro to Digital Media (full year)

Grade Placement: 7th or 8th

HS Credits = 1.0 

Prerequisite: None

This year-long interactive technology course introduces students to the skills related to various forms of digital media. In one semester, emphasis is placed on print media: writing, editing, photography, graphic design, and desktop publishing. During this semester, students engage in journalistic research, interviewing, and reporting, while demonstrating various journalistic writing styles. Students use Canon DSLR cameras to learn and perform digital photography techniques, photographic composition techniques, and demonstrate proficiency in photo editing and enhancement using Adobe Photoshop. Students also bring their work to life through graphic design and desktop publishing, using Adobe InDesign in a lab of iMac computers. In the other semester, the emphasis is placed on broadcast media: how to properly use video cameras, microphones, lighting systems, scripting software, and audio/video editing software. The learning environment is outfitted with iMac computers, Final Cut Pro, Reason, Adobe Photoshop, and Chroma Key Green Screen studio. During this semester, students script, act in, and produce a variety of informative and entertaining video projects, such as commercials and short films. Successful completion of both semesters of this course earns one high school credit and is a prerequisite to apply for the yearbook, newspaper, or broadcasting classes in eighth grade at HPMS.