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Raiders Football
2018-19 SEASON
7th-grade Equipment Distribution Aug. 18th - Noon-2pm South Gym HPMS
8th-grade Equipment Distribution Aug. 18th - 10-12pm South Gym HPMS

District Football Policies
  1. Games will be played on TUESDAYS.  The 8th grade will play at one site and the 7th grade will play at the opposite site.When playing Cockrill MS, their home games will be on Monday, with their away games on Tuesday.
  2. The length of quarters for ALL "A" games shall be four 8-minute regulation quarters. "B" games will be four 6-minute quarters, with a 5-minute halftime "C" games will be four 5-minute quarters, with a 5-minute halftime  When playing ANY school without a "C" team there will only be an "A" game and a "B" game with 10-minute quarters.  No running of the clock allowed, unless both coaches agree or there is a least a 28 point lead.
  3. Three (3) SFOA officials will be requested for all "A" and "B" games.  "B" games will start with two (2) referee.
  4. As per UIL rules, no team or student shall compete in more than 9 football games.  A scrimmage counts as on of the allowable games.
  5. As per UIL rules, no game, contest, scrimmage or tournament, including District competitions, may begin prior to the end of the academic school day for any middle school student.
  6. Football Schedule Policy:
    • Each School will play with three teams, an A, B and C team.  Faubion and Johnson MS will have A and B teams only.
    • Games will be played in the following order:
      *Cockrill / Dowell / Evans / HP / Prosper
      Team Start Time Quarters (4) Half
      B Team 5:30 PM 6 Minutes 5 Minutes
      A Team 6:45 PM 8 Minutes 5 Minutes
      C Team 8:15 PM 6 Minutes 5 Minutes
      Team Start Time Quarters (4) Half
      B Team 5:30 PM 10 Minutes 5 Minutes
      A Team 7:00 PM 8 Minutes 5 Minutes
    • Halftime will be limited to five (5) minutes and the second game will commence ten (10) minutes after the conclusion of the previous game.  The middle school principal and athletic director will be responsible for seeing that the time allocations are followed.  Other arrangements may be made if mutually agreed upon by the schools involved.
  7. Jersey Colors:
    • Home - Dark
    • Away - Light
    • Unless changes are mutually agreed upon
  8. Admission:
    • Students - $2.00
    • Adults - $4.00
    • Middle school cheerleaders, drill team and bands will be admitted free if they are in uniform.
    • District passes will be honored. (10-5A, 6-6A, 10-6A)
  9. May use ball of choice.
  10. There will be no overtime.  Games can end in a tie.
  11. The successful completion of an extra point:
    • Kicking = 2 points
    • Running = 1 point
    • Passing = 1 point
  12. The last six (6) district games will count toward District Championship and First Place trophies will be awarded to 7th grade A & B and 8th grade A & B Championship teams.
  13. Report all football results to:
    • Tim Knowles
    • Coach Knowles will send out the updated standings every Tuesday.
  14. Unless all games are played during the week, no games will count that week in the final standings.
  15. In the event of a suspension, games at halftime are considered "complete."
  16. No games will be delayed more than 45 minutes from the first suspension.
  17. Tie Breaker
    • Head to Head
    • Coin Flip
  18. Bi-District games will be played using the Bi-District Home Team's rules.