Raider Tennis

Date Location Opponent Time
March 2nd HPMS Prosper Reynolds 4:30
March 23rd McKinney Boyd HS McKinney Dowell 4:30
March 30th McKinney North HS McKinney Johnson 4:30
April 6th McKinney HS McKinney Evans 4:30


Important Information

HPMS Raider Tennis Parent Meeting 2021

Date: Thursday 1/28/2021 @ 7:00 P.M. 

Meeting is online: Link below

Topics: Tryouts, Match dates, Uniforms, Practice, RankOne and fees.

Any student interested in playing needs to contact Coach Hogan in person at school or via email.

Any students who are NOT currently enrolled in a tennis class MUST come to HPMS Courts on Tuesday February 2nd from 3:30-4:30 so that Coach Hogan can see them play.

Thank you,

Rob Hogan

Head Tennis Coach HPMS

Dan Holden

Head Tennis Coach HPHS

Tylir Jimenez

Associate Head Coach HPHS

HPMS Raider Tennis 2020-2021


Raider Tennis Program Mission: To teach, develop, and foster a winning tennis tradition on and off the court that aligns with excellence established at HPHS Tennis Program and the commitment to get student athletes ready to contribute at the next level.


Raider Tennis Practices

Practices will mirror what students can expect to see at HPHS Varsity Tennis Practice. The focus will be on learning doubles play, strategy, fitness, and the commitment to what it takes to win state championships.  With hard work, for those students who desire to play at HPHS, the transition will be seamless for those who make the team.  This streamlined approach is by design and in conjunction with HPHS tennis coaching staff to maximize student athlete success at a state championship program.  Students will be given the blue print for success, as well as the guidance to follow it, and the rest is up to the hard work and dedication of the athlete to determine their success.


Important Information HPMS Tennis Team

  • Students who are in Off-Campus PE are encouraged to be on the tennis team for the 2020-2021 school year. Beginning 2021-2022 all students who wish to play on the HPMS A Team must be enrolled in an Athletics period.
  • Students who are part of Junior Development Programs outside of school will be challenged by Raider tennis practices. The two can work hand in hand with the development of the student athlete.
  • All HPMS Raider tennis matches will be in the Spring.


Team Composition


  • Both 7th and 8th Grade boys and girls compete together on the tennis team.
  • No specific uniform is required for practice. Proper tennis attire is required.
  • There is a specific uniform for matches against other schools.
  • Only the A team competes against other schools.
  • Students who wish to play tennis but not be part of the team will be placed in PE Tennis classes.


Below is the Criteria for HPMS Raider Tennis 2020-2021 school year.  I look forward to meeting everyone and to implementing a new standard of excellence for Raider Tennis.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Coach Rob Hogan



HPMS Tennis Criteria 2020-2021


  • A Team and B Team will be in 1st or 8th All 7th grade students will be in 1st period Athletics. All 8th Graders will be placed in 8th period Athletics.  There will be members of A/B Team in both periods.  This is how the schedule is this year.
  • There will be no set # of players on the A team this first year. All who meet the criteria below will be placed on the A team.
  • All incoming 7th graders who meet one or more of the below criteria will be placed on A team.
  • All students who do not meet the criteria for A Team will be placed on B Team.
  • Any students we feel are too strong for B Team tennis can be moved up to A team at any time.


Criteria for HPMS A Team Tennis:

  • All A team returners from Spring 2020 are automatically on the A team for 2020-2021
  • All B team returners who can meet one or more of the criteria below are automatically on the A team for 2020-2021.


Playing Criteria

  • USTA qualified Championship or Super Championship players.
  • USTA Challenger level players with any points.
  • Any USTA sanctioned tournament play (minimum 1 tournament)
  • Any UTR rating