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Mr. Michael Herndon
English Language Arts 
Highland Park Middle School

 Welcome to Mr. Herndon's Webpage.

Room: C212

Office Hours (tutorial times):  7:30am-7:50am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings

(and special office hours (tutorial times) by appointment on Mondays and Fridays at 7:30am)


Please contact me by email if you have questions or concerns during the school year; click on "send email" to the right. Students, please remember that most of the student account addresses (on your stu account) are not actually attached to a specific email address. If you email me from that account, you won’t receive my response because no email address is attached to your account.


Daily, students need to bring theses items to class:

1. A smile and good attitude.

2. A willingness to learn and participate.

3. The correct edition(s) of the book(s) we are currently studying (it must be the student's own copy because we will be annotating books).

4. The student's own copy of the black and white composition book.

5. The handouts/ sheets that connect with the day's lesson.

6. Earbuds for using online sources.


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