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McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

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Fitnessgram Test

Fitnessgram Test If you have a student in Off Campus PE, please read carefully.

By law, all students must complete the Fitnessgram Test. This year most HPMS students will complete this test in their PE or Athletic Period Class.

Off Campus PE students will complete this test on Wednesday and Thursday, April 30th & May 1st. On those days, Off Campus PE will be suspended, and OCPE students will remain on campus to complete the various parts of the Fitnessgram Test.
MIS Destination Imagination Team Needs Your Votes
Our AMAZING 5th grade MIS Destination Imagination Team, "Creativity to the Power of 6," submitted this video to try to win the money they need to go to GLOBALS. The top three videos across the nation were chosen by Destination Imagination and 3M Duct Tape. The finalists were just announced and our MIS team is in the TOP three! We need your votes!
Off Campus PE applications and paperwork for 2014-2015 are due on Thursday, May 1st
OCPE is designed for students who are in a rigorous training program of 15 or more hours per week (not including travel time) and is available for students who are interested in pursuing sports/programs not offered at the middle school.
Transportation to/from School-Sponsored Activities

Transportation to/from School-Sponsored Activities HPISD provides transportation to and from all school sponsored activities off the home campus.
Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid Your generous Mad for Plaid dollars at work
New & Improved Scot Dollars Program

New & Improved Scot Dollars Program We invite you to join us in the new Scot Dollars program which at no cost to you will produce significant revenue for the school of your choice. No expense and no hassle for you.
Review of MIS/HPMS Traffic Guidelines
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