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MIS/HPMS Traffic Guidelines

Traffic Safety Guidelines for MIS & HPMS
Your child’s safety depends on EVERYONE following the rules.

MIS Traffic Queues for 5th and 6th Grade

In order to reduce the number of cars in the queue lane at peak times, SIXTH GRADE drop off and pick up will now be on High School Street.  Sixth grade teachers will walk students over to the High School Street queue lane area for pick up immediately at 3:40. Please drop off/pick up sixth graders at the High School Street queue lane and then exit going north or west from High School Street (avoiding Granada).

FIFTH GRADE drop off and pick up is on Granada Street. The entrance door has been moved down to the new wing tennis court doors in order to pull the queue lane forward.

Look at the files below to get more details about:

MUSTS for safety and sanity:
  • The queue lane is the innermost lane (next to the building) and flows east on Granada, south on Key, west on Normandy, north on High School.
  • Enter the queue lane behind the last car in line.  Do NOT cut into the queue lane.
  • You may NOT enter the back parking lot from Binkley (7:15-9:00 and 2:30-4:30).
  • There are NO left turns from Binkley and Shenandoah onto High School during posted hours.
  • Pull forward as far as possible in the queue lane before dropping off or picking up your child.  Be courteous and don’t stop the traffic behind you.
  • Drop off and pick up students from the queue lane ONLY (never the middle of the street).
  • NO cell phone use in school zone. Comply with posted traffic signs at all times.
  • NO drop off or pick up at the main entrance (front office circular drive) 7:15-8:30 or 2:30-4:00. (Reserved for parents of students with physical needs. Passes are available in the special education office.)
  • Students crossing the street must ALWAYS use crosswalks.
  • Consider dropping off your child 10 minutes earlier or picking up 10 minutes later instead of peak carpool times.  This will save you a lot of frustration and time and your kids will enjoy visiting with their friends.
  • Have a rain plan.  Not everyone can squeeze around the doors.
  • Consider having your children use crosswalks and walk a block or two away from prime drop off and pick up spots.  Normandy and the south end of Key are rarely crowded and there are available parking places. Key has been repaved.
  • Carpooling reduces the number of cars in the queue lanes, which is very helpful. Please consider carpooling if you’re not already.    

This Map shows all routes:

  • Blue- High School  Street
  • Red- Granada Street
  • Yellow- Key Street to back lot