McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Mr. Leutz


What we are doing this week (3/20/17-3/24/17):


  • We will revisit author's purpose
  • We will discuss elements of poetry
  • We will continue discussing compare and contrast (Alligator vs. Crocodile Venn diagram due on Friday the 24th -- extension://mloajfnmjckfjbeeofcdaecbelnblden/http
  • We will continue with formal reading comprehension activities (our graded reading comp activity for the week will be on Wednesday the 22nd)
  • We will continue reading Black Duck
  • We will continue revising our third targeted writing assessment, concerning fictional narratives, with our final draft due on Wednesday the 22nd
  • We will revisit mood and tone

Social Studies

  • We will begin the economic activity map for our imaginary country project
  • We will discuss the U.S. Civil War (hyperdoc assignment over the subject due on Friday the 24th) 
Link to social studies online textbook: 
*****Homework for both LA and SS is listed on the calendar below*****


Jack Leutz


5th grade LA/SS

Team Super Stars


Office: B221

Phone: 214-780-3500


Tutoring/Retest times:
3:40-4:00 Every day except Tuesday and Friday