Languages Other Than English Department

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Department Goals:

Our goal as a LOTE Department is for each student to build self-confidence in communicating in a second language in a way that encourages students to produce and create with the language which will, in turn, lead to proficiency.

7th Grade – 1A
The goal of the first level of foreign language is two-fold:

  • To excite students about a new language so that they will choose to continue to learn it and
  • To build a solid foundation which will support further study.

Level 1A students are introduced to a new language and new cultures. With an emphasis on listening and speaking skills, students communicate with basic vocabulary and learned phrases. As they progress to reading and writing, they acquire basic grammatical structures.

8th Grade – 1B
The goals of the second year of foreign language study are:

  • To reinforce the language experience acquired in level 1A of the target language and
  • To improve the four language skills introduced in the level 1A class.

These goals will be accomplished by balancing oral and written practice, adding more specialized vocabulary, and refining grammar patterns. The level of cultural awareness increases as students study specific countries and customs. The present, past, and near-future tenses are studied.

Course Descriptions: 

8th Grade Courses

FOREIGN LANGUAGE –  CHINESE 1B (FL1C1B) OR FRENCH 1B (FL1F1B) OR SPANISH 1B (FL1S1B) Students continue their study of Chinese, French, or Spanish, in the eighth grade, if they elected to begin language study in the seventh grade. This is the second half of the high school level 1 language class, which includes listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. The pace and daily homework resemble a high school class.

Students who successfully complete this two-year sequence receive 1.0 High School foreign language credit