Social Studies Department

Staff Members:
7th Grade:                                 

8th Grade: 

Department Goals:

  • Incorporate interactive notebooks in the 7th grade to be continued and extended next year with both 7th and 8th grade.
  • Design one Project Based Learning assignment per semester
  • Incorporate the overarching questions for Social Studies into each grade level
  • Discuss and plan ways for incorporating technology and engaging lessons in the class
Course Descriptions:

Seventh Grade Texas History
Texas history is a course of study encompassing the stories of people, events, and institutions from the state's earliest civilizations to the modern day. Throughout the course, all social studies disciplines are employed in an effort to instruct students about the development of people's beliefs and institutions and the transmission of culture from one generation to another. These integral components of Texas history are combined with the study of geography and its themes to relate the stories of events and the relationships between people and places in all phases of the state's development. Students are encouraged to progress beyond the mere rote memory of episodes and dates and to achieve an understanding of how and why those events occurred, a comprehension of the historical significance of events, and the ability to relate past events to daily living in modern times.

Eighth Grade American History
In eighth grade social studies students develop an understanding and appreciation of the political, economic, and social development of the United States. The scope of the course includes European discovery, settlement, colonization, revolution, and the quest for self-government, as well as the progress of the new nation through the test of the Civil War and subsequent Reconstruction. Students will be given opportunities to apply their knowledge of history, citizenship, and the principles of the democratic process through a week-long mock Constitutional Convention, library and Internet research, writing a historical fiction, presenting first-person narratives, interpreting primary sources, and using technology to present information and create timelines.