House of Douglas

Welcome to The House of Douglas!
Teacher Websites:
Office Hours 
-  Math: Tuesday and Wednesday; 7:45am - 8:05am
-  LA: Tuesday and Wednesday; 7:45am - 8:05am
-  SS: Tuesday - Thursday; 7:45am - 8:05am
-  Science: Tuesday - Thursday; 7:45am - 8:05am
Team Conference Time:

House of Douglas has our team conference time during 6th period (2:30pm - 3:10pm). 


Curriculum Night: Thursday, September 9th


Open Team Meetings:

Thursday October 28th - 2:30pm


Student log in Information: 

The usernames/passwords are case sensitive.  

  • Username: first name.last name (Example: John Smith  john.smith)
  • Password: First and last initial + student ID number ( example: JS123456)