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MIS/HPMS Traffic Guidelines

Traffic Safety Guidelines for MIS & HPMS
Your child’s safety depends on EVERYONE following the rules.
On the map below, you can see where students will and will not be able to be dropped off or picked up. 

The Key Street back parking lot by the cafeteria will be available for visitor and volunteer parking this year. The Key Street queue lanes will be accessible and students may enter through the doors by the cafeteria. The first day of school is the busiest traffic day of the year around the MIS and HPMS campuses! There are many new students, which means many drivers learning the "rules of the road" on the first day. The following hints will help you survive the first day of school:
  • Want to walk your student to the entrance on the first day? Arrive before 7:45 a.m. to find parking.
  • Want an even better alternative? Ride your bike to school with your student! There is ample bike parking on Granada by the 5th and 6th-grade entry, or by the athletic field.
  • Think there are more cars than you've ever seen in your life? The second day of school is better! Athletics begin for many older students, student carpools begin and help lower the number of cars around the school, and over 100 students walk or ride their bikes.
  • Feel like you'll never get out of the gridlock? Wait five minutes, and every road will clear like magic.
What is the queue lane? 
Good question! These are the traffic lanes that are directly next to the building on all sides of the campus. The middle lanes are for moving traffic only and are never used to load or unload. What are the rules of the carpool queue lanes?
  • Pull as far forward as possible before stopping. Your student will be fine walking an extra 10 yards to get in the building--we promise!
  • Prompt your student to have their backpack ready, shoes on, breakfast is eaten, and goodbye's said as you enter the queue lane so they can exit the car immediately upon stopping;
  • Don't try and watch your child walk in the building from a queue lane--you'll hold up the entire line of traffic;
  • Queue lanes start at the intersections around the campus--don't cut the queue lane.
Carpool Map 
How to keep from getting a ticket:
  • Don't touch that phone! "Hands-free" cell phones in the school zone mean that you can talk on a blue tooth or speakerphone, but you cannot touch the phone to dial, talk, e-mail or text;
  • The circle drive in front of the school is only for those that need special access to the building. You must have an access pass to enter the circle drive during carpool hours.
  • Never drop your student in the moving middle lanes of traffic!