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As running does the chance of minor injuries. A FOAM ROLLER is something that is inexpensive and very effective (yet sometimes painful) that runners and athletes can used to self-massage sore/tired muscles....especially in the legs.
Also a lacrosse or tennis ball, depending on your level of pain-tolerance, can be used to "roll out" areas like the hips and glutes by rolling on top of the ball the sore spots of those muscular areas.

I highly recommend purchasing an inexpensive foam roller at a local running store...Luke's Locker, Dick's Sporting Goods, PlayTri, RunOn!....or online to help with minor muscular issues and stretching. A little bit of daily maintenance(5-10min) in this area can go a LONG way!

Here's some helpful links for getting and using a foam roller...

If you have ANY other questions in this area please ask!