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McCulloch Intermediate School / Highland Park Middle School

Mr. Leutz


What we are doing this week (5/21/18-5/25/18):


  • We will finish working on the imaginary country project, the final product being due on Tuesday the 22nd 
  • We will conclude our class novel, The Cay, a story about survival in WWII-era Caribbean -- a test will be given on Thursday the 24th
  • We will have a writing assignment over The Cay during class on Wednesday the 21st  
  • We will review figurative language

Social Studies

  • We will conclude discussing WWII -- students will be given a quiz over the material on Friday the 25th (review attached to the right, with flash cards)
  • We will begin discussions over the Cold War
*****Homework for both LA and SS is listed on the calendar below*****


Jack Leutz


5th grade LA/SS

Team Super Stars


Office: B221

Phone: 214-780-3500


Tutoring/Retest times:
3:40-4:00 Every day except Tuesday and Friday