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Ms. Vi An Vo

McCulloch Intermediate School

House of Buchanan

6th Grade Science


Syllabus (click the link)


Conference Times

Monday- Friday 11 AM- 12 PM


Office Hours

Monday- Tuesday 3:40-4:10 PM

Wednesday- Thursday 3:40- 4:00 PM


Daily Work/ Assignments 

All instructions, copies of handouts, completed notes, etc. can be found in Google Classroom.

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Reteach and Reassessment

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Recent Posts

Abundance of Elements Pyramid Triorama Model

Learned how a limited number of the many known elements comprise the largest portion of solid Earth, living matter, oceans, and the atmosphere by researching elements and constructing a model pyramid triorama.

Science World Article Presentation

Here is a another great article presentation by one of the ExMo students.

Science World Article Presentation

Here is one of the many great article presentations heard through the ExMo halls.

With our issue of Science World and a productivity app on our iPad, we each made presentations on an article. Then, we shared it with groups of 3 or 4. It was important for us to listen to each other's presentation as we were responsible for evaluating each other.

We might be getting a new classroom pet very soon. I'm considering a poison dart frog. No worries... they are not poisonous in captivity. Should I get this blue one?