Physical Education

Staff Members:

Boys Coaches
Girls Coaches
Department Goals:
  1. To teach the value of exercise, good nutritional habits, stress management and the elimination of self-defeating behavior choices.
  2. To provide skills classes that enhance the performance of skills (lifetime sports) and increase the enjoyment of physical activity. 
  3. To provide mentoring which promotes life-long learning and the appreciation of a healthy lifestyle.

Course Descriptions:

8th Grade Courses

ATHLETICS – GIRLS (PE1A8G) – BOYS (PE1A8B) The course provides the student with the opportunity to participate in competitive sports. It is expected that students who sign up for athletics will attempt to make one of our competitive teams as well as develop the proper attitude and work ethic that it takes to be a contributing team member. BEFORE and/or AFTER school practices, as well as game attendance, are required. Placement on athletic teams will be determined by the coaching staff through a tryout process each athletic season. **Athletic Physical required.

OFF CAMPUS PA (PE1OF8)  The Off-Campus Physical Activity Program has been established to allow students to pursue high-level capabilities in specialized areas of sports and physical education through individual programs offered outside the district. Students who are currently participating in individual programs, which involve a minimum of 15 hours of intense, professionally supervised training, may apply to pursue their outside interests, and substitute off-campus physical education for state and local P.E. requirements. APPLICATION REQUIRED on HPMS Website (Completed application to Counselor by May 2nd)

PE SPORTS & FITNESS (PE1PHY)  Physical Education involves achieving and maintaining the optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of the individual. Activities will include team-based sports, as well as individual challenges. Participation in healthy physical activity and practicing healthful behavior are the goals of the physical education program. (Athletic physical not required)

TENNIS (PE1TEN)  Tennis is a wonderful lifetime sport. This course affords the student the opportunity to learn how to play the sport correctly, and have lots of fun while learning. Emphasis is placed on learning the rules, proper etiquette, competitive strategies, and both fundamental and advanced skills. In addition to conditioning drills and match simulations, the student learns about the history of the game and equipment. There will be work on singles and doubles skills and strategies, including all strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, serve return, volley, overhead and lob). There will also be fitness days to encourage healthy physical activity to promote lifelong fitness. (Athletic physical not required)

**For all athletes in HPISD: You must have a physical on file before participation in HPMS Athletics.


Saturday, May 13th Highlander Stadium, 4233 Grassmere

8th Grade: 9:30-11:00 a.m. Cost: $20.00 per athlete (Payment: Cash or Check payable to HP Sports Medicine)