Erika Hultsman
5th Grade English/language arts and social studies
Superstars Team 
Room B225
Tutoring: 7:45-8:10 am Tuesday/Thursday
HPMS Cheer Sponsor* 
This week at a glance: 12/10-12/14:
ELA: this week's reading comprehension focus is on compare and contrast. Students should be using all of their reading comprehension strategies while completing.  Choice reading time is for 15 minutes at the start of each class period. I strongly encourage an additional 15 minutes of reading at home at least four days a week.  Students have a reading log in their yellow folder to record what they are reading so they have some accountability and cognizant of how many pages they are reading each day. Students will be finishing their TWA: expository essay biography.  A printed copy is due on Wednesday, 12/11. We will continue reading Wishtree in class and explore figurative language and how it is used in the novel. Lastly, we will take the ELA MAP test on Thursday, 12/13
Students will continue learning about the Civil War and Reconstruction.  There will be a test on Tuesday, 12/18. THis weeks daily geography unit will be on 
Due every Friday: spelling quiz, spelling homework, reading comprehension, and daily geography.
Access to online textbook:  http://bit.ly/HPPearson 
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