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Responsible Use Policy

Highland Park ISD provides students with access to the District’s electronic communications system for educational purposes. The electronic communications system is defined as the District’s network, servers, computers, mobile devices, peripherals, applications, databases, online resources, Internet access, email, and any other technology designated for use by students. While the District uses filtering technology and protection measures to restrict access to inappropriate material, it is not possible to absolutely prevent such access. It will be each student’s responsibility to follow the rules for appropriate and responsible use. Access to the Highland Park ISD network is a privilege, and administrators and faculty may review files and online activity to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are acting responsibly.  
Use of the Network & District Resources:  
  • Students are responsible at all times for their use of the District’s electronic communication system and must assume personal responsibility to behave ethically and responsibly.  
  • The District may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and to ensure that users are using the system responsibly.  
  • To promote the safe and responsible use of online resources, students are required to access Highland Park ISD’s filtered wireless network for online classroom work and research.  
  • Students may not access, modify, download, or install computer programs, files, or information belonging to others.  
  • Students may not alter computers, networks, printers or other equipment except as directed by a staff member.  
  • Students may not use others’ accounts or attempt to access confidential HPISD student or personnel information.  
Appropriate Content:
  •  Students may not use their mobile devices for classroom work, or any unauthorized activities (e.g. playing online games, downloading music, watching video broadcasts, participating in chat rooms, etc.).  
  • Students may not release personal information on the Internet or in electronic communications.  If a student finds an inappropriate site or image, he or she must immediately minimize the program and contact the instructor.
  • Students may not create/publish/submit or display any materials/media that are abusive, obscene, sexually-oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal, and must report any instances encountered.
  •  Students shall adhere to all laws and statutes related to issues of copyright or plagiarism.
  • Violation of any of these standards may result in the suspension of computer use, suspension of Internet privileges and/or other disciplinary action.  
Cell Phones
In order to best preserve the learning environment, while also eliminating unnecessary distractions, we are asking students to leave all cell phones, Apple watches, or other communication devices at home.  However, if devices are brought to school we will expect them to be powered off, put away, and remain off until the end of the school day and any time that students are inside the school building.  Devices (if brought to school) must be “parked” (stored) with the teacher as soon as the first bell rings in the morning, and may then be picked up at the end of the day. Seventh-grade students in athletics or off-season will lock their cell phones in their athletic locker and retrieve it at the end of the school day. Eighth-grade students in athletics or off-season will retrieve phones at the end of advisory and store them in their athletic locker until the end of practice. Again, no cell phone is to be visible or in use at any time during the school day or while in the building.
Consequences for violating the policy:
  • First offense – phone collected, the parent signs out for it in the office; office detention
  • Second offense – phone collected, the parent signs out for it in the office; 5 days lunch ISS
  • Third offense - phone collected, parent signs out for it in the office; 5 days lunch ISS; the phone will not be allowed at school or will be “parked” in the office all-day
By logging into the HPISD wireless network, students are accepting the terms of the Highland Park Student Responsible Use Agreement. Once on the HPISD wireless network, all users will have filtered Internet access just as they would on a district-owned device.