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New Parent FAQ

McCulloch Intermediate School and Highland Park Middle School, with an unyielding commitment to excellence, is a partnership of educators, staff, students, parents, and community that strives to provide a superior educational experience and addresses the needs of the developing middle school student. Our school's success focuses on:

  • enhancing intellectual abilities in all academic areas;
  • challenging students to be creative, curious, high-level, and independent thinkers who are committed to the process of learning;
  • developing a student's sense of integrity, responsibility, honesty, leadership, and service to the community;
  • embracing respect for all people and celebrating diversity in a global community;
  • creating a safe learning environment that meets the needs of all students;
  • promoting participation in the fine arts and extra-curricular activities; and
  • providing a dedicated faculty and staff who will guide and prepare students for future academic challenges.
The Student Handbook is a great resource for parents. Updated annually, this document provides information about the following:
  • Attendance
  • Grading Policy 
  • Grading Criteria for Retakes
  • HPMS Dress Code
  • Technology Responsible Use
  • ELA Written Conventions
Traffic Safety Guidelines for MIS & HPMS are in place to create a safe environment around the campus during times of the day with increased traffic due to school start and end times. Your child’s safety depends on EVERYONE following the rules. Click here for detailed information and a map diagram illustrating where students will and will not be able to be dropped off or picked up. 
Visit the MIS/HPMS Bell Schedule webpage for access to schedules and calendars.
Visit the MIS Parent Information webpage to find links to helpful resources and information. We encourage you to explore the MIS/HPMS website to learn more about our school.
Contact the MIS administration at 214-780-3500 or the MIS counseling office at 214-780-3640.