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Proof of Residency

Residency Questions: Please call Peggy Garrett Braddock - Asst. Registrar MIS/HPMS, Laura Kanter - Registrar MIS/HPMS, or Cristy Hirsh, HPISD District Office

Change of Address - please complete the form and submit the 3 required documents

2020-2021 Students new to HPISD must provide 3 Residency documents for enrollment. (See New Student Enrollment)
Annual Proof of Residency: Highland Park ISD requires an annual proof of residency for each student at every grade level to verify proof of residency prior to the start of school.  (July 30-August 20, 2020)
Annual Proof of Residency is a process each family must complete every summer prior to the beginning of school. If the residency paperwork is complete and current from the enrollment process (Deed or updated lease in addition to a driver’s license at the same address), then you will only be required to submit a new water or electric bill for the address where you reside. If the residency documents on file are incomplete or do not match the submitted utility bill, you will be required to provide new residency documents that match. Requirements and submission procedures will be available on the District’s website during the summer.